Need a Speaker?

CherylAs a popular speaker & coach, Cheryl Kirk-Duggan specializes in helping individuals and families deal with the difficult times in their lives.  Examples include loss of a spouse or loved one, divorce or even a job loss.

For most people this represents a very traumatic time in their lives, and during her talks, Dr. Kirk-Duggan provides the necessary tools, guidance and support for emotional and spiritual healing.

Prior to founding her business, Cheryl experienced the deaths of both parents and her spouse.  She has also walked with people through a variety of losses: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical…sometimes in combination.

In her research areas of violence and injustice, loss is always present.  She has been writing and teaching about topics related to loss for over 24 yrs.

Her work in ministry has provided her with a keen sense of listening and the capacity to support them in their healing and recovery process.

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